“ConsulTech has done a great job for us. They have made our networks faster and much more reliable, and their customer service is outstanding -- customer complaints have dropped dramatically since we partnered with ConsulTech. Their staff is always prompt, competent, and courteous in dealing with residents and the leasing offices in the complexes we serve. They make us look great in the eyes of our clients.”

-- Dan Smith, Jest Technologies

”ConsulTech is the gold standard in Internet technology services. ConsulTech has allowed Burnham Rentals to provide Internet service to its renters in a cost effective manner with reliable service. The service is top notch and the satisfaction is 100%.”

-- John Burnham Jr., Burnham Rentals

”I am exceedingly pleased with the services that I’ve received from ConsulTech. I brag often to others about how well this has worked for me.”

-- Paul Konstanski, Integrated Resources

“ConsulTech provides us with best possible service regarding our networking needs. Their level of service and expertise have made it possible for us to run our business efficiently and provide the best possible service to our tenants as well. They are very prompt to respond to and ameliorate any issues and are extremely friendly. We are pleased to be working with ConsulTech.”

-- Beth Delp, Omega Properties

“ConsulTech does a fabulous job for us. The network they built is very fast and extremely reliable, and their customer service is superb. ConsulTech is always prompt, competent, and courteous in dealing with resident requests and leasing office requests. They treat our residents as their own clients (and make us look really good in our residents’ eyes). In my years at the Fields, we have been able to maintain very high occupancy rates -- ConsulTech’s network service is one of the reasons why.”

-- Angela Stewart, The Fields Apartments

“I appreciate all of the help you and your team have been in this project and we have all worked well together to make it a success.”

-- Brandon Brooks, Association of College Unions International

“ConsulTech is very helpful with not only being the internet service provider for our apartments, but also with trouble-shooting and prompt customer service. We are always pleased with the attention we receive from the ConsulTech staff”

-- Lori Abram, Choice Realty and Management

“We're fortunate to have ConsulTech as a service provider. You are the most professional, courteous, skilled (people and tech-wise), down-to-earth, and patient network and technical engineer I've ever worked with.”

-- Tom Hume, www.IndianaArts.org

"The Tucker web site was getting poor rankings on Google searches. We asked ConsulTech for their opinion and they provided us with recommendations that made sense, and that came with a money-back guarantee. They worked with us to tune our site, and monitored performance after the changes. The search engine improvements were remarkable, and the price was fair. ConsulTech lived up to their motto with us -- quality, value, reliability. Nice job, ConsulTech!”

-- John West, Tucker/Bloomington REALTORS

"It is a pleasure working with you. I always know if we have an issue that we will be able to work through it. Your staff is really helpful to work with and is always responsive to our needs with an excellent attitude.”

-- Michelle Cole, ENVISAGE Technologies

"Wow! You can see why I was drowning in Spam. Life is so much better now. I love your Barracuda!”

-- Tracee Lutes, Avenues Realty Group

"Your customer service is second to none.”

-- Max Lauchli, Dwellings LLC

"I have been very pleased with the quality work from ConsulTech. They not only produced my user-friendly website that has definitely increased my business, their daily maintenance and attention to my account is first-class! Not being technical-savvy, I have entrusted ConsulTech and have considered their office as my staff support team."

-- Lori Abram, Choice Realty & Management

“Century 21 Realty Group has a long standing relationship with ConsulTech. We made our first contact with ConsulTech in the mid 1990's. Since that time we have worked with ConsulTech to create new programs, be the host of our website and to connect and route data to numerous web based programs that help our associates be successful. Our long standing relationship has not been based on personal relationships (which are good and are very much appreciated), but it has been based on the timely, accurate and efficient work they have done for us. They have also always been fair in their pricing which is always a concern in business. No matter who we have asked them to contact, consult with or connect to, ConsulTech has been there for us, and completed the work in a most professional manner. My company has prospered substantially because of their efforts. Thank you, ConsulTech, and all who work there. You have done a great job for us."

-- Larry Pickens, Prudential Indiana Realty Group

  “The programming you did for us really works great. My associates love it, and it is saving my agents a lot of time. I'm very happy with this.”

-- Larry Pickens, Prudential Indiana Realty Group

  “Your staff was most helpful to me when my Outlook crashed. I really appreciate everything ConsulTech has done and is doing for us in the real estate community. I will definitely use your services for my computer and technical needs in the future.”

-- Anne Hurley, Hurley Appraisals

“I can’t imagine a better relationship than we are building.”

-- Ed Vande Sande, Bloomington Area Arts Council

"We were overdue for a website overhaul and decided to bring the project to a local company. After our due diligence, we found ConsulTech to be the perfect fit. It is going to be a great relationship.”

-- John West, Tucker/Bloomington REALTORS

"Working with you was great. You promised a certain amount for a certain dollar and I feel you have delivered and been fair. Thank you again."

-- Sharran Tynan, ReMax Acclaimed Properties

"Everyone at ConsulTech has responded to my questions or concerns with prompt, courteous replies and solutions. They take customer service to a high level with a passion that brings our mutual clients effective results. They are truly a pleasure to work with.”

-- Karen Oeding, Web Site Designer

"Just wanted to drop a line to tell you how satisfied I am with the ConsulTech staff. Everyone is courteous, reliable and most of all, knowledgeable. Recently, your staff visited our home and completely fixed our wireless problem and even provided hardware suggestions that have been extremely helpful. They definitely went beyond the call. I am thrilled to have ConsulTech covering all of our IT needs. Love you guys.”

-- Bryan Bailey, Canine Companion Training

"Thank you for being part of Eastside Bloomington. Your involvement continues to add a much needed polish to our image. Love you guys.”

-- Vickie Davidson, Eastside Bloomington, Inc.

"Finally technology without headache! Because of ConsulTech's technological expertise, our wireless networks are rock-solid and trouble free. As a property management company, serving our residents is our first priority. Having ConsulTech as a team-member virtually ensures that our residents receive the highest possible quality of service and support."

-- Joseph Fitzgerald, Deer Park Management

"ConsulTech has provided our company with great service and support. All of our computer problems have been quickly addressed and resolved. I highly recommend the professional services of this well-managed company.”

-- Max Lauchli, Dwellings, LLC

“ConsulTech has a knowledgeable and flexible staff, and is very forward thinking. These attributes combine to provide a very positive experience for the client!”

-- Beth Ellis, Tim Ellis Realtors and Auctioneers

"I wanted to express my gratitude for the outstanding customer service at The Fields Apartments. Customer service has become a faded memory in businesses today; your company is rare indeed. I have been consistently pleased with the overall operations that you and your company have provided. Keep up the good work.”

-- Donna Cline, The Fields Apartments

"ConsulTech has improved our technology infrastructure while reducing our costs. And they do it all with great attention to customer care. They treat us like friends, not just as clients.”

-- Mark Lauchli, Abodes

"We are thrilled to have this new network in place. ConsulTech delivered this innovative network on time, under budget, and meeting or exceeding all our requirements."

-- Joseph Fitzgerald, Deer Park Management

  "Your staff just came out to fix my computer. They explained things so that I actually understood them. Those guys were great -- fun, funny, and didn't talk down to me. Thank you so much. Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job they did.”

-- Karen O'Brien, Buyer's Advocate Real Estate

"Please thank your staff for their work sorting out our virus protection issues. Their professional manner and expertise help to bury memories of the early days when technical assistance ranked low on the list of pleasant and communicative service providers.”

-- Susie Graham, Bloomington Board of REALTORS

"My leasing staff sings your praises every day! Thanks for doing such a great job. You and your staff are great with our residents and have helped us out tremendously! Kudos.”

-- Lisa Watson, The Fields Apartments

"The zoss.com site is functional and has been since the move -- all is going well. The pens list also settled down very quickly and I thank your staff for being very responsive. You guys get an A+ for the change-over.”

-- Tom Zoss, Zoss Communications

"Thanks for your help. This is the kind of assistance that makes it easy to choose you guys.”

-- Mark Hoffman, Pavilion Properties

"You folks are a customer service beacon! Can you imagine if we had been dealing with Insight or SBC? Many thanks.”

-- Michael Latham, Deer Park Management

"BloomingtonArts.info owes a great deal of its success to the outstanding software engineers at Envisage who built what we imagined, and to the dedicated team at ConsulTech who ensure its ongoing reliability and performance. The unqualified commitment of these two companies to exceeding expectations has been a major factor in producing a site that truly enhances and showcases the world-class cultural offerings of this area.”

-- Gerry Sousa, Bloomington Area Arts Council

"ConsulTech staff make themselves accessible to me any time I need them. They are willing to make a trip to our office at any time, essentially on call for us, to help with larger tasks I'm not able to handle alone. When I call on ConsulTech for extra help, they make an effort to show me what needs to be done so we can solve similar issues in the future without the cost of additional help from ConsulTech or other outside sources.”

-- Brady McGee, Storage Express

"We chose ConsulTech because of their record of support for the arts and their prompt responsiveness to any issues that may develop. The arts calendar has been a long time coming -- something that community arts leaders have dreamt of for years. And now it has become a reality with the technical help and commitment of ConsulTech, the application designers at Envisage, and project manager Gerry Sousa.”

-- Nancy Krueger, Bloomington Area Arts Council

“I am very impressed and pleased by the level of service you have been providing to the Bloomington MLS. Thank you for all that you do to help us do business.”

-- Tracee Lutes, Avenues Realty Group

"ConsulTech has provided my firm with cradle to grave solutions concerning technology, both hardware and software. We are impressed with the responsive service we have received and appreciate the professionalism of ConsulTech's staff. As a result of our experiences, ConsulTech has earned our unconditional recommendation.”

-- David C. Haeberle, COMMAND Equity Group

“That is what I call FABULOUS customer service! Thank you for hearing our woes & giving 110%. You and yours are simply THE BEST!!!!”

-- Melissa Murphy, Abodes

“ConsulTech provides high quality networking solutions for several of our properties. Their rates are very competitive, and their reliability is great; when ConsulTech says they will do something, they do it -- period, the end. And their customer service ethic is great. They treat us like royalty, and go out of their way to make sure our residents have a great rental experience. We love ConsulTech. They are a strategic partner, committed to our success. I can't imagine working with anyone else.”

-- Bess Courtney, Deer Park Management

"Oh yes, we love ConsulTech!”

-- Beth Ellis, Tim Ellis Realtors and Auctioneers

"Thank you so much for setting us up using the new Spam filtering software. I used to get over 500 per day. Under the new setup I now get from none to at the most 5 per day. Because of the service that ConsulTech provides, I no longer dread my morning routine of reviewing my email. Thank you very much.”

-- Steve Hafer, ENVISAGE Technologies

"We're an unequivocal fan of ConsulTech. Their ability and willingness to send help whenever needed has been much appreciated. On a few recent occasions our systems became inoperable -- and vulnerable to data loss. In each instance, ConsulTech responded immediately. Their willingness to drop what they're working on and get us back on track has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion. What's more, ConsulTech's training provided along the way has enabled us to troubleshoot and fix the day-to-day problems that would have otherwise cost us additionally to outsource."

-- Jeff Shreve, Storage Express

"Thank you for the excellent service you have given us concerning our website. We have been an ongoing customer of ConsulTech since approximately 1998. In those 6 years, we have grown our own tenant customer base dramatically due largely in part to the professional website that your company designed and maintained for us. I am convinced that ConsulTech has been a considerable driving factor in our success."

-- Amy Waggoner, Grant Properties

"Our network and internet connections are vital to our business. ConsulTech has done an extremely professional and high quality job for the past seven years, trouble shooting, repairing, installing equipment and services that has kept our business running. I look forward to continuing what has been a very successful relationship into the future. Thank you for the excellent job that you have done."

-- Mark Lauchli, Abodes

"We have searched for the proper solution to solve our needs for Web hosting, e-mail, PC support and network management. ConsulTech has the best solutions and has provided us with qualified staff, excellent customer service, and reliable systems and networks. These have been provided at a lower cost and better quality than we could accomplish in-house. Of all of the various solutions we have tried in the past several years, ConsulTech is simply the best, by far."

-- Michael Fitzgerald, World Wisdom Books