ConsulTech is a privately-held company based in Bloomington, Indiana. Founded in 1995 by two technologist/entrepreneurs from Indiana University, the company established a profitable niche by providing network connectivity and support to its clients, a significant number of whom were in the real estate industry. In continuous operation since 1995, ConsulTech is one of Bloomington's oldest internet service providers (ISPs).

In 2003, ENVISAGE Technologies Corporation was spun-off from ConsulTech to split the product/service palette into two companies, each focusing on its core competency. The primary focus of ENVISAGE was in developing large-scale training and human capital management systems, primarily for state and federal government. In early 2004, a new CEO was brought in to bring renewed focus to ConsulTech as a technology outsourcer for small- and medium sized businesses and not-for-profits in South Central Indiana. In early 2005, ConsulTech was purchased by its new CEO.